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#31 - Blue Van Man Interview

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Blue Van Man is a YouTuber from Loughborough, reviewing everyday items like beer and food, as well as providing social commentary on the news, football and social issues.

We arranged this conversation after BVM heard a podcast I made about his work - #Ep. 26: Deconstructing Blue Van Man - comparing his YouTube content to early 20th century transgressive art.

He reached out to me after enjoying my take on his work and wanted to come on for a chat. And I'm really pleased he did. Dave is a humorous, kind hearted and inviting man and every moment spent in his company was pure joy. I had a tremendous amount of fun and I think you will too.

We discussed many subjects, including:

  • The pressures of social media

  • Having a sense of humour about yourself

  • The work required to maintain a YouTube channel

  • BVM’s experience’s with covid

  • Politics

  • Plus Blue Van Man's ideal dinner guests!

I think this interaction with Dave also goes to showcase that despite not seeing eye to eye on every subject, we could still find joy and connection, that we are all more than our views and opinions represent us to be.

This is a wide ranging conversation, veering wildly from the serious to the blunt, the emotional to the damn right silly. So go on then, check it out!


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