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#6 - Auntie Sue: Grief, Loss & Covid

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

On Friday 20th November 2020, my Auntie Sue died. She died of Covid pneumonia, along with a number of other complications.

This isn't a recording about her life. There is too much to say on about her and that wasn't where my head was when recording this.

I wanted to record some thoughts about my experience of grief, especially through the lens of covid. For many of us, coping with loss is a difficult and long-winded process, but I've certainly found that there are specific challenges, difficulties and hardships this virus has created.

Don't feel obliged to listen to this. Grief can be a specifically triggering topic to discuss, and if you're not currently in the right headspace to hear this, that is absolutely fine.

All I wish to say (I imagine, I haven't listened back to it) is in the recording. I won't be writing a transcript down so if you wish to know my thoughts, you'll have to press play.

If you wish to get in touch, you can email me: savbalpod@gmail.com

For Coronavirus Bereavement advice, please click here.

I love you, Auntie Sue.

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