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#13 - Minimalism: Dann Alexander Interview

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A lot of the videos I've seen on Youtube seem to give me the impression that minimalism is a kind of perfectionism cult, indoctrinating you into a conformist model-home world of white walls, oak tables and house plants. They don't feel lived in.

Those videos make it feel like minimalism is not achievable for most of us - but, it's not 'achievable' as the goal isn't to 'achieve' anything. It's a state of mind, a philosophy, a lens in which to view the world.

For me, minimalism is a continual process that has given me freedom and a shore fire antidote to the consumer models of today.

I loved chatting about minimalism with today's guest - Dann Alexander. Dann is a writer & blogger. He was a contributing editor to Minimalist.Life & has written countless blog posts on many platforms. He has written two books: Planned UnParenthood, Creating a Life Without Procreating & Let Nothing Go To Waste.

Here's a link to his website.

We discuss things like:

  • What is minimalism?

  • What are the misconceptions of minimalism?

  • How does it link to veganism?

  • Is there an opportunity during the coronavirus pandemic to reassess our relationship with minimalism?

  • Is time a precious commodity?

  • Consumerism as status symbols

Dann was an absolute pleasure to talk to. Not only is he kindhearted, curious and open, he makes everything seem digestible. The way he communicates gives you the sense that it's very doable. I feel like once you've listened to this, you'll come away with a few less preconceptions and a few more reasons to reassess your relationships with the stuff in your life. It was a pleasure to record and a privilege to share with you.

Recorded remotely July 2020 for Future Vegan, a show I present on Future Radio 107.8fm, the UK’s first vegan radio show.


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