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#35 - Is James Bond A Psychopath?

“Keeping the British end up, Sir” - sexual promiscuity?

“Shaken, not stirred” - controlling behaviour?

“The name’s Bond - James Bond” - grandiose sense of self worth?

I run through the psychopath checklist to determine whether James Bond could clinically be diagnosed as a psychopath. If you wish to understand more about psychopathy, you can listen to the previous episode - Ep.34 Psychopathy: What is it & how is it shaped by our culture?

From womanising & killing without remorse, to impulsivity & manipulation - James Bond displays a frightening number of psychopathic traits, as laid out on the psychopath checklist. In this podcast, I go through three separate Bond films - Octopussy, From Russia With Love & Skyfall - analyse them for psychopathic traits & compare scores at the end.

This episode is filled with plenty of humour, as well as a stark examining and redefining of the UK’s most famous fictional character. From sexual assault to defusing a bomb dressed as a clown, this episode is very silly, serious & saucy (problematically saucy…)

Is Bond a genuine psychopath? What does this mean in the wider context of society? And what does it say about us?

This has been one of my favourite podcasts to date - absolutely worth giving this one a listen!


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