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#18 & 19 - Trump, Hitler & The Language Of Violence

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Part 1:

Part 2:

On 6th January 2021, supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC, after he had delivered a speech, on the day Congress was meeting to confirm Joe Biden's election victory.

This was the impetus for Donald Trump's 2nd impeachment trial as president. The hearing was to decipher whether Trumps use of language legally constituted as inciting violence.

Another politician who made his name promoting division and violence in front of huge crowds was Adolf Hitler.

These podcast episodes, however, are not focusing on Trump’s impeachment or Nazism. These episodes aim to examine & explore language, and how it can be used to incite violence, using comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler as examples.

There is a striking number of similarities between both Trump and Hitler, from their sense of self to their policies. Both of these mesmerising orators understood the zeitgeist of their era and had an impressive, and comparable, grasp on how to utilise language for political gain.

These episodes aim to provide analysis of Trump’s speech, explore Trump’s ties to violent groups and compare Trump and Hitler’s communication techniques, from animal & medical imagery to propaganda.

I’ll also examine why this still matters now (using examples like Anthony Comello & QAnon) and how you can protect yourself from it, from social compliance to cognitive dissonance.

This is very dense with information so I hope you can find a decent time to listen and really absorb yourself in what’s to come.

One final point - these two podcasts are an attempt at remaining as apolitical as I could, focusing on the facts rather than opinions.


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