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#26 - Deconstructing Blue Van Man

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

There was once a time when what we watched was a national event. We would sit, watch and discuss moments on tele collectively, as an entire group. Although this still exists in varying different forms, the way we consume content has changed.

Streaming platforms, Freeview, podcasts, Twitch, social media, Youtube - the line is blurring between high end, professional productions and amateur passion projects. A lot of us dedicate increasing amounts of time to more obscure, tailored, specific & varied productions. Case in point - Blue Van Man.

But who is Blue Van Man?

He is a middle-aged, working-class Youtuber from Loughborough, reviewing everyday items like beer and food, as well as commenting on football, particularly Leicester City Football Club.

His content really intrigues me, particularly its seeming growth and wide appeal. He has, to date, acquired over 135,000 subscribers and his most-watched video has been viewed over a quarter of a million times. It's his review of Pizza Hut's KFC popcorn chicken pizza.

In this video, I aim to analyse his content, what's so appealing about it and what this shows about the wider culture. From celebrating his down-to-Earthiness & sincerity to comparisons with radical 20th-century conceptual art, I fully explore his Youtube work, the concept of 'anti-content' and offer some hot takes on its implications.

He is a prominent example of how there is a changing shift in what constitutes entertainment, and he's doing it by one Rustler's microwavable burger at a time.


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