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#28 - Should We Be Saying 'Man Up'?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

'Man up' has fast become one of the most divisive and disputed terms.

For some, it's simply part of the cultural vernacular, a phrase commonly uttered with cheeky or forthright intent. So embedded in the lexicon of many pockets of British life, encapsulating and communicating a particular set of masculine values to adhere to.

Others see it as an outdated, toxic, manipulative and destructive force, ascribing false ideals of masculinity to many vulnerable minds, selling them a specific script, one in which they are pressured to learn and live in, regardless of the cost.

In this podcast, I aim to examine this controversial expression and ask the questions:

  • Does it create an environment of toxic masculinity?

  • Is it sexist?

  • Is it homophobic?

  • How does it affect men's mental health?

  • What is it trying to convey?

This episode in particular is one I'd really recommend sharing with people who might have strong views on it either way. It's very important to open up the dialogue and introduce others to alternative points of view.

So will this one day be an obsolete misstep from our past, or is it simply a lot of fuss over nothing?


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