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BONUS - Daily Practice Exercise

This is a practical 10 minute step-by-step guide through my interpretation of an exercise practised by the Dalia Lama.

If you want to understand this practice in more depth, you can hear/read more by visiting #24 - Daily Practice: Reinterpreting A Buddhist Exercise.

This practice includes these principles:

1. Motivation & Intentions.

  • What will motivate you today?

2. “Attachment to superficial pleasure will only bring you more pain”.

  • Why are you engaging in this act? Is it for the right reasons? Connect to the consequences.

3. Cultivate an honest relationship with your suffering.

  • Listen to it, non judgementally.

4. We are all one.

  • We all have the potential for suffering and joy.

5. Will you be of service? How?

  • How will you help people today?

6. Positive attitude in the face of adversity.

  • Pain is the beginning of the path to growth. Try to foster gratitude for the opportunity to practise.

7. Be in touch with your drives.

  • Are you living in the conscious or subconscious program?

8. Gratitude.

  • What are you grateful for today? Pain can live simultaneously with gratitude.

You can download this here and save it on your phone, or click the links below to download it via one of the podcast apps.

The Savage Balance Podcast is a weekly podcast offering a new story, essay, interview, thought or leftover scribble from the back of a napkin.

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